Join us for the 3rd CERV Conference!

Who Should Attend?

About The Conference

CERV focuses on new approaches to transportation that integrate energy, vehicle, and highway infrastructures into a more flexible, efficient, and convenient network of electric roads and vehicles.

Electricity has a unique ability to transform travel but will likely need to extend beyond charging batteries in parked vehicles using manual plug-in systems. CERV provides a venue to explore technologies that deliver energy wirelessly, on demand, in real time, and to both stationary and moving vehicles.

Unlike today' transportation system, which is fueled almost exclusively by oil, a transportation system based on electric roads and vehicles will

  • Enable robust competition among several primary energy sources
  • Reduce vehicle energy consumption
  • Eliminate the range anxiety associated with electric vehicles
  • Eliminate mobile-source emissions

CERV provides scientists, engineers, managers, policy-makers, investors and other interested private sector stakeholders with a forum where they can present, discuss, and learn about new wireless power transfer technology and its applicability to the vehicle transportation industry.

The two day program includes executive panel discussions, industry roundtables, keynote speakers, and a poster session.